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Equipos de Innovación Corporation Design


    Fase 1 - Diseñamos



    Corporation Design


    Corporation Design


    Corporation Design


    Corporation Design is an innovative company which helps disabled people with their day a day constructing a pulley system and an electric circuit .                                                                                                                                                           Pulley system : it helps disabled people to cover itself with a sheet and take it off with a simple button . You can also use if you are very lazy .



    Corporation Design


    Fase 2 - Construimos



    Corporation Design

    Construcción del prototipo

    Corporation Design


    Corporation Design


    Corporation Design


    Fase 3 - Nos lanzamos


    Presentación del producto

    Pulley system: it helps disabled people to cover itself with a sheet and take it off with a simple movement of pressing a button. 

    Our pulley system is an innovated mechanism, not like the typical normal pulley system that you have to pull off, this is more complex and better. It is built by an electric circuit.

    We have a mechanism with an electric circuit, pulleys, a motor, elastic bands, wood, a bed made of wood and a really big button. When you touch the big button, the electric circuit activates and passes all the energy to the motor. With that energy, the pulleys begin to roll and the sheet of the bed rises. This occurs only in a few seconds.


    Corporation Design



    Equipo Corporation Design

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