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Equipos de Innovación Hawk Industries

  • Fase 1 - Equipo Hawk Industries

    Logotipo y presentación Hawk Industries


    We are the group of Hawk industries we want to shell you, our invent is it a licuator of eggs no waste more energy and electricity with the licuator 2001 our moto is ¨otro modo de vida ¨in this grop we think of the thing that you want


    Hawk Industries

    Fase 1 - Batería de Ideas

    Presentación de las ideas que se generaron

    we have some ideas to do:

    • electronic mixture
    • a noria multiuses of cereals
    • a licuator of eggs
    • a game for children
    • a multiuos mixture
    • an exprimidator of oranges

    Valoración de las ideas

    this ideas are good for no malgastaste energy the best ones of all are:

    1. a noria multiusos
    2. a licuator of eggs
    3. an exprimidator of oranges

    the first one is for breakfast a lot of types of cereals

    the second one is to no malgasted energy and not waste your time and effort

    this will be mejorated

    Descripcion de la idea seleccionada

    the better one is the licuator of eggs because to the buyer you dont have to do a lot of effort and this not malgasted energy and this product also we can clean. 

    Fase 1 - idea

    ¿A Quién?

    For the people that are very busy and with enough time.

    ¿Para qué?

    For beat eggs manualy 


    In places that there is not elestricity for example:

    • camping
    • for excursions at the mountains
    • in a boat


    Turnig the manibela and the gears rotate and the stiki move with the blade Finally the egg is couted.

    ¿En qué mejora la calidad de vida de las personas?

    To save energy and your effort

    ¿Qué innovaciones incorpora esta idea?

    That is without electricity and we can used in places tha there is not plugs.

    Fase 1 - Diseño


    Descargar boceto


    Descargar croquis


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    Fase 1 - Planificación

    Listado de Materiales

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    Listado de Herramientas

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    Fase 2 - Estudio usuario


    Fase 2- Evolución del prototipo

    Tabla días/tiempo dedicado

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    Evolución del prototipo: Preparación

    Hawk Industries

    Evolución del prototipo: Construccioacute;n

    Hawk Industries

    Evolución del prototipo: Comprobación

    Hawk Industries

    Fase 2- Mejoras del Prototipo


    Hawk Industries


    Hawk Industries


    Hawk Industries


    Hawk Industries


    Hawk Industries


    Hawk Industries


    Fase 3 - Nos lanzamos

    liquator 2011

    We Acomodite Your Live

    It is a mixer of eggs that can leate eggs and another things. You put your hand tto the crank and do circles, then it starts to work thanks to the wood knife.  

    Guión de la presentación

    -We are going to present a new project to the world. this is the mixer 2000 it is very useful you don´t need any instraction to this. there is no risk for the children.


    Fase 3- D.A.F.O.

    Tabla DAFO

    Hawk Industries



    Equipo Hawk Industries

    Correo Electrónico:

    Centro: Ramiro de Maeztu

    Profesorado: Manuel Blázquez Merino,

    Tutor Valnalón: Silvia

    Alumnos/as: 5

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