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Equipos de Innovación Industrias K.O.D.M.N

  • Fase 1 - Equipo Industrias K.O.D.M.N

    Logotipo y presentación Industrias K.O.D.M.N

    hello, we are industriask.o.d.m.n from IES Ramiro de Maeztu from madrid.


    Industrias K.O.D.M.N

    Fase 1 - Batería de Ideas

    Presentación de las ideas que se generaron

    1º A mechanic cover for the doors of the shops.

    2º A folding collector for dog droppings.

    3º A sofa with a table incorporated.

    4º A chair that moves without effort.

    5º An elastic rope to pick things up.

    6º A bag with an umbrella.

    7º A pencilcase with departments that extend when it opens.

    Valoración de las ideas

    1º It is invented in an electrical way.

    2º Good, feasible idea.

    3º The sofa cannot be very close to the walls.

    4º Too simple.

    5º We think that it has already been invented.

    6º Too simple.

    7º Too big and complicated to build. 


    Descripcion de la idea seleccionada

    The folding collector for dog droppings.

    Fase 1 - idea

    ¿A Quién?

    To people with backaches, old people, lazy people.To all the people.

    ¿Para qué?

    To take the faeces without duck and to don´t touch almost the feaces.


    In all homes with dogs.


    With a cane wich have a box with a cover under it.

    ¿En qué mejora la calidad de vida de las personas?

    It makes better the user life of people with backaches,because they can´t bend their back so much.

    ¿Qué innovaciones incorpora esta idea?

    It incorporate a mechanism to open the cover.

    Fase 1 - Diseño


    Descargar boceto


    Descargar croquis

    Fase 1 - Planificación


    Fase 2 - Estudio usuario


    Industrias K.O.D.M.N

    This user is one example it could be other one.


    Industrias K.O.D.M.N

    Few means little posibilitie

    A few means more posibilities

    A bit means more posibilitie

    Some means the half of the posibilitie

    Lot means a lots of posibilities

    Much doesn´t mean the 100 porcent of the posibilitie but alo t af posibilitie


    Fase 2- Evolución del prototipo

    Tabla días/tiempo dedicado

    Descargar documento

    Tabla tiempo total empleado

    Descargar documento

    Fase 2- Mejoras del Prototipo


    Industrias K.O.D.M.N

    The stick can bend so it get smaller permiting youy go with it without annoyance


    Industrias K.O.D.M.N

    The stick can bend so it get smaller permiting youy go with it without annoyance


    Industrias K.O.D.M.N

    The stick can bend so it get smaller permiting youy go with it without annoyance


    Fase 3 - Nos lanzamos


    For a cleaner world.

    It is a rectangular box with a stick fixed to one side.You put the PsP near an excrement an you push down the stick so the box opens.Then you can pick up the excrement and close the box.

    It is the invention with the box opened.

    Guión de la presentación

    This is our invention.As you can see it is formed by a box and a stick fixed to it. It is used to pick up dog droppings.


    Fase 3- D.A.F.O.





    We are a group form by Knan Ztion, Olga Estévez, Nicolás Romay, Miguel Pérez and Dani Martín.              

    We are going to desing something usefull to the society. A folding picker for dog droppings.





    Our first project


    In our first project we did a structure made of straws. The straws form pyramids, we made two flats. It suport two chairs, but not a person.

    You can see it in the web of Ramiro de Maeztu in the bilingual section. There is a photograph.

                     Please look at it. Goodbye


    Second project


    In our second project we are doing a folding piker for dogs droppings. It consist of a small box under a cane that extends.


    Equipo Industrias K.O.D.M.N

    Correo Electrónico:

    Centro: Ramiro de Maeztu

    Profesorado: Manuel Blázquez Merino,

    Tutor Valnalón: Silvia

    Alumnos/as: 5

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