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Equipos de Innovación Futuristic Technology

  • Fase 1 - Equipo Futuristic Technology

    Logotipo y presentación Futuristic Technology


    we are Víctor,Alberto,Carmen,Lucía and Teresa from

    the highschool ramiro de maeztu

    Foto de grupo

    Futuristic Technology


    Futuristic Technology

    Fase 1 - Batería de Ideas

    Presentación de las ideas que se generaron

    1ºA dispenser cleenex
    2º a machine to clean a table
    3º A butterfly effect to turn on an air freshener
    4º An artificial limbs for disabled people can walk like everyone else
    5º a machine to clean high windows
    6º A food grinder
    7º A machine for cutting ham
    8º A machine to help elderly people to climb to high places

    9º Some mechanisms that you put  them into your wardrobe and then you can move all your clothes and shoes so you can decide what are you going to wear  

    Valoración de las ideas

    1º May be a good idea when you have a cold but we will spend more money makin the invent than sellig it

    2ºIt can be a good idea

    3º people would not buy it

    4ºIt s already invented

    5º Is a good idea that  may help small people to clean

    7ºwe thik that is already invented

    8º I ts a good idea that would made the life of eldery people easyer

    9º good idea.We like it

    Descripcion de la idea seleccionada

    we have selected the idea number 9:It is a wardrobe that has some mechanisms

    and , the mechanisms make clothesand shoes move in a circular way so, you can see all the cloths and shoes that you have.

    Fase 1 - idea

    ¿A Quién?

    For all persons,but especially for teen agers

    ¿Para qué?

    for making their lives easily


    In their wardrobe


    they open the wardrobe, and then they move all the clothes to see what can they wear

    ¿En qué mejora la calidad de vida de las personas?

    In mornings you spend less time thinking what do you are  going to wear

    or looking for your clothes

    Fase 1 - Diseño


    Descargar boceto


    Descargar plano

    Fase 1 - Planificación

    Listado de Materiales

    Descargar el listado de materiales

    Listado de Herramientas

    Descargar el listado de herramientas

    Planificacion del tiempo

    Descargar planificación


    Fase 2 - Estudio usuario

    the important data:

    1-Our buyer would be probally a teenage that has tooo many clothes

    2-Our buyer doesn t  have enough time.

    3-Our buyer needs to order the clothes

    4-Our buyer needs to see quickly all the clothes


    Fase 2- Evolución del prototipo

    Tabla días/tiempo dedicado

    Descargar documento

    Fase 2- Mejoras del Prototipo


    Fase 3 - Nos lanzamos

    Guión de la presentación

    This is our idea for the teenagers of today.With the our mecanic wardrobe you will save time ,money and you will win an orderly wardrobe.


    Fase 3- D.A.F.O.

    Tabla DAFO

    Futuristic Technology















    Equipo Futuristic Technology

    Correo Electrónico:

    Centro: Ramiro de Maeztu

    Profesorado: Manuel Blázquez Merino,

    Tutor Valnalón: Silvia

    Alumnos/as: 5

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