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Teaching resources

  • EJE student’s book (14-16 years old)

    Teaching Resources, EJE

    Teaching materials aimed at secondary school student. The creation, organisation and management of an import and export cooperative is the guiding thread to develop enterprising skills and attitudes.

    Authors: Ivan Diego Rodríguez, Javier Vallina Fernández, Marta García Fernández-Ahuja, Silvia González Joyanes, Amara Hinojal Rascón.

    DL: AS 5392/2008

    Published: 2007. Second Edition 2008

    No. of pages: 208 Format: 21x29.5cm

    Medium: Paper

    Binding: Rustic

    Languages: Spanish, English, Basque, Catalonian, Flemish, Finnish, Italian, Bulgarian, Hungarian

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