Cadena de Formación de Emprendedores, Valnalon Educa

Ciudad Industrial del Valle del Nalón S.A.U. C/ Hornos Altos s/n, 33930 La Felguera, Asturias. España


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  • Schedule

    The EJE calendar.


  • Frequently Asked Questions in EJE

    Frequently asked questions about EJE.


  • How to register?

    Step by step guide to register schools, teachers and co-ops in EJE website. A very easy to follow manual profusely ilustrated with web screenshots.


  • Teacher handbook

    This handbook is one of the final products of ECE project. A Leonardo da Vinci transfer of innovation project whose main goal was the adaptation of EJE teaching resources and methodology to 6 different languages (english, flemish, finnish, bulgarian, hungarian, italian). All products were tested during the piloting phase in 14 secondary schools and universities from Bulgaria, Finland, Flanders and Spain.


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This project is funded by IDEPA